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This weekend, tune in to State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, to join the conversation about the Right’s ongoing stranglehold on the language of faith, values and morality. We’ll explore this in terms of the current Boy Scout controversy (yes, tolerance and inclusivity are values too) and the coming out of basketball’s Jason Collins (yes, just like Tebow, he says his faith directs his life – not that the media noticed.) Plus, a skeptic’s 50 simple questions for every Christian. Download Icon

Churches, LGBT Inclusion and the Boy Scouts
When Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts of America in 1920, it was actually in response to an existing group, the Christians-only “Boys Brigade.” So there is more than a little irony in some on the right opposing inclusivity initiatives in the BSA because some troops are sponsored by churches. They talk values – but what about the real, valid, sincere values of non-discrimination and inclusivity that many progressives subscribe to? This week, Welton welcomes Interfaith Alliance’s own Jay Keller, the dad of a former Boy Scout whose troop was one of those sponsored by a church – but a church which over 10 years ago first challenged – in writing – BSA’s exclusionary policies. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW AND TRANSCRIPT

“Why Jason Collins’ Faith is Ignored… And Tebow’s Isn’t”
When NBA Jason Collins announced, “I’m Black and I’m Gay” on the cover of Sports Illustrated, there was an outpouring of support and cauldron of condemnation. But nobody talked about the fact that Collins’ announcement was couched in terms of his faith and values. Joining Welton this week to discuss that omission is writer T.F. Charlton, who explored the subject in an insightful piece for Religion Dispatches Magazine: “Why Jason Collins’ Faith is Ignored… And Tebow’s Isn’t.” CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW AND TRANSCRIPT

50 Simple Questions for Every Christian
What would move a non-believer to pen a book titled 50 Simple Questions for Every ChristianIrony? Audacity? The Holy Spirit? Well, author Guy P. Harrison, who labels himself an “optimistic skeptic,” gets the chance to answer that question, and share some of the questions in his book, when he joins us on this week’s show. (Spoiler alert: it’s a book of questions, not answers. But audacity is not an adjective you’ll use to describe this thoughtful but humble guest.)

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