“Their values and principles have worked for a century now. And for pop culture to come in and try to tear that up because this happens to be the, you know, the flavor of the month, so to speak, and to tear apart one of the great organizations (…) That is just not appropriate.” – Texas Gov. Rick Perry

The Texas Governor’s mischaracterization of the sincere and values-driven efforts behind attempts to end discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America as “pop culture flavor-of-the-month” (spoken as part of a concerted effort on the part of the Family Research Council to organize opposition to any change in the BSA’s policies regarding sexual minorities) are particularly galling when one comes to realize that some of the churches that sponsor boy scout troops are actively working for inclusion. Years before the current headlines, Jay Keller’s (straight) son was part of one such troop, in Takoma Park, MD, that went so far as to write the Boy Scouts to declare its intention to refuse to discriminate – and this was back in 2000! It’s not pop culture and it’s not flavor-of-the-month. It’s a desire to see values of acceptance of differences instilled in our young people – to better build a true community.

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Jay Keller Interview: State of Belief May 11, 2013

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