Sarah Posner, senior editor at Religion Dispatches Magazine, discuss her recent article exploring the coordinated push by American Catholic Bishops to redefine the term “religious liberty.” Posner also discussed the parallels she sees between Evangelical theocratic impulses and this attempt by the bishops to re-label anything in government that may conflict with theology as infringing on religious rights. 

Greg Lebel, George Washington University Political Management Professor and Presidential Campaign veteran, give us his take on Iowa and the aftermath. Listen in to find out what he thinks about Mitt Romney’s 8-vote victory over Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann’s decision to leave the race, and what errors he saw on the trail based on his experience. 

Troy Boyle, president of the National Atheist Party, introduce us to the newly formed political party as he tells us about its goals and his motivations in helping to get it off the ground.

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