This past Wednesday, Interfaith Alliance released the comprehensive new report Big Tech, Hate and Religious Freedom Online. As a part of that release, Interfaith Alliance hosted an expert panel discussion, moderated by State of Belief host Rev. Paul Raushenbush. On this week’s show, you’ll hear the warnings and strategies the panelists.

Zaki Barzinji is the program director for Aspen Digital, where he oversees a range of projects at the intersection of tech policy, equity, and justice for unrepresented communities. He served in the White House as senior associate director of public engagement and President Obama’s liaison to the Arab-American, Muslim, Sikh and other minority faiths, where he worked to amplify voices and narratives seldom represented at the highest levels of government.

Lauren Krapf serves as the Anti-Defamation League’s counsel for technology policy and advocacy. Her work includes advocacy to support targets of online harassment and hold social media companies accountable for their role in fomenting extremism, hate, and antisemitism and racism. Lauren spearheads ADL’s anti-cyber harassment initiative, Backspace Hate. Prior to joining ADL, Lauren worked as a litigation associate in Los Angeles where she was the co-founder of her firm’s harassment and bias intervention training.

Paul Barrett is the deputy director of the Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He joined the Center in September of 2017 after working for more than three decades as a journalist and author focusing on the intersection of business law and society. At the Center for Business and Human Rights, Paul has focused on producing a series of reports on the role and obligations of the social media industry in a democracy, including the debate over the liability of social media platforms for harmful content and the role of social media companies in the intensifying political polarization in the U.S.

We’ll also dig into the contents of the Big Tech, Hate and Religious Freedom Online report with Interfaith Alliance Advocacy Associate Riya Kohli who was the driving force behind putting this report together. You can download the report at this link:

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