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In our 24-hour news cycle, the tendency to call every breaking story a turning point has become cliché. These days, however, it really does feel like we’re witnessing history, with instability abroad threatening the world as we know it, and a reactionary movement at home threatening our most sacred rights. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we’ll look into how we got to this moment in time, and what we might do to shape a better future – especially because the misapplication of religion keeps turning up as contributing to each new setback.

Katherine Kelaidis is providing essential reporting on the unholy alliance between American conservative Christians and Vladimir Putin. As the Russian dictator continues to wage his bloody war in Ukraine, Katie’s recent Religion Dispatches article A twisted love story: how American evangelicals helped make Putin’s Russia and how Russia became the darling of the American Right bears a closer look – and she’s back with us to do just that.

Evidence abounds that faith communities are stronger when they are rooted in inclusivity and diversity. And as the country joins together to celebrate Women’s History Month, we highlight the ways women have been excluded from leadership in the Catholic Church – and examine efforts Pope Francis has made toward including women in the Diaconate. Dr. Phyllis Zagano, who is an expert on the issue as well as the author of the recent book Women: Icons of Christ, will weigh in.

This year’s Supreme Court docket is laden with cases that will impact the boundary between religion and government and chip away at the rights of our most vulnerable groups. With a conservative majority hell-bent on catering to the Religious Right and erasing precedent, a lot is at stake. Interfaith Alliance Director of Policy & Advocacy and resident Court expert Katy Joseph will join Welton to discuss what’s at stake.

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