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Perhaps no public institution impacts the everyday lives of every American to the same extent as the Supreme Court. The decisions made by our justices define what kind of nation we’ll be – whether our country will be one that upholds the rule of law, protects our civil rights and liberties, and guarantees the protections owed to all Americans under the Bill of Rights.

Everyone seems to appreciate the significance of Supreme Court appointments – but why are our elected leaders incapable of treating the confirmation process with the seriousness it requires? This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we will discuss what Judge Jackson’s hearings revealed about public faith in the integrity of the judiciary.

It’s pretty much become a given that for U.S. senators, the judicial nomination process is more about scoring cheap political points rather than considering the long-term implications of a lifetime appointment. Following yet another round of overheated nomination hearings, what lessons should we take away? Attorney Jay Michaelson will join Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline, filling in this week for State of Belief host Rev. Welton Gaddy, to discuss the hearings as well as prospects for the future of  the politicized court.

It’s a bittersweet week here on State of Belief. For almost 15 years, Interfaith Alliance’s director of outreach and operations Jay Keller has played a central role in our work advancing true religious freedom for all across the country. As Jay moves on this week to well-deserved retirement, he’ll sit down with Rabbi Moline to reminisce about his time at the organization and toast to the future.

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