In 2020

From the current civil rights movement of our time, to the ongoing global pandemic, it is impossible to step back and realize that our children and grandchildren will ask us one day about what we did in this moment. One hour, we are grieving across-the-board increases in COVID-19 cases once again, and the next hour we are crying tears of joy over landmark civil rights decisions in the Supreme Court. Thousands will march in the streets or advocate digitally this weekend around the Juneteenth holiday for justice and equality. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we will talk about the real-life implications of all that is going on.

It feels like many of us had almost forgotten how to process good news in current events when this week we learned that the Supreme Court handed down an unambiguous ruling on workplace protections for LGBTQ people. Rev. Welton Gaddy, host of State of Belief, will be joined once again by Dr. Jay Michaelson, a Rabbi, meditation teacher, attorney, activist, and author who covers the US Supreme Court for the Daily Beast. We will dive into the Supreme Court case and what it means.

It is not lost on us that this profound ruling — likely as consequential as the marriage equality decision, or more so — came down as our nation remains justifiably focused on racial injustice and anti-racism causes. Welton will discuss this landmark ruling, and particularly its likely impact on LGBTQ people of color, through the eyes of David J. Johns, Executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition.

For too long, the Religious Right has claimed a false monopoly over religious voters. But faith doesn’t serve one party or one politician. This week, Interfaith Alliance launched Your Vote, Your Values, a new campaign that will elevate the stories and perspectives of people of faith who are organizing, advocating, and mobilizing for change. Welton will welcome back to the show Rabbi Jack Moline, Interfaith Alliance president, to discuss the initiative.

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