This week, the nation’s attention was riveted on the Supreme Court confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with Committee testimony from the nominee as well as from Psychology professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who charges Kavanaugh with assaulting her while they were students. By Friday afternoon, the scheduled vote was postponed and the story remains unfinished.

On State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio program and podcast, Alliance President Rabbi Jack Moline is filling in for host Rev. Welton Gaddy with some timely conversations related to the Kavanaugh case.

Dr. Jay Michaelson is a rabbi, an author, and an attorney who is a member of the Supreme Court Bar. Jack talked to Jay about the unprecedented confirmation process, and the long-lasting impact this is all likely to have on our Judicial branch for years to come.

Then, the new editor-in-chief at the essential Religion News Service, Bob Smietana. Jack will ask Bob about the challenges of covering religion in this day and age, about the stories Bob thinks are most important, and about the limitations of mainstream media coverage of religion-related news.

And a high school junior in Massachusetts captured public attention by walking out of school last week, along with several classmates, to express support for Dr. Ford’s right to be heard. Jack Torres is a young activist with an inspiring message, which you’ll hear this week on State of Belief.

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