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The recent primary and special elections in a number of states have reintensified concerns about vulnerabilities in our voting systems – and ongoing attempts to hack them. With the midterm elections less than three months away, we take a look at some of the less-reported – but equally destructive – threats to the core of our democracy: the free vote. And ultimately, the fact that leaders who cloak their agendas in the language of faith are among the most involved in these schemes.

Project Blitz is a frighteningly coordinated, 50-state strategy for translating a regressive, theocratic, Christianist vision for our nation into legislation that erodes inclusivity, religious plurality and social progress, one state at a time. This is evident in the sudden appearance of “grassroots” demands that public schools display the phrase “In God We Trust,” as well as well-scripted campaigns to provoke a reaction to extremist religious attacks on our secular culture, only to then attack any critic as “anti-Christian.” Frederick Clarkson, Senior Research Analyst at Political Research Associates, joins us for an update.

Then, investigative journalist and best-selling author Greg Palast returns to State of Belief to discuss the homegrown attacks on our elections, and the ongoing efforts to purge millions of voters – usually minority and young voters – from the rolls. No matter what Russia does in November, there’s a built-in GOP advantage that every American needs to be aware of – and take steps to defend against – before stepping into the voting booth for the midterms.

Also, the ability of Interfaith Alliance to have a concrete impact on issues of true religious freedom on Capitol Hill and across the nation relies on interfacing with lawmakers and activist partners. Recently, Kathyn Joseph joined the staff in the position of Policy and Legislative Adviser, and she joins us for an overview of the work she’s doing to ensure protection of true religious freedom for all.

And we’ll hear a “Word from Welton” about the strong moral stand a certain political leader took, in writing, about the role of the US President as a role model and inspiration for every American.

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