The news is moving extraordinarily quickly in our nation right now. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, we’ll step off the headline-chasing treadmill to revisit three past conversations with book authors that retain their importance and relevance today.

First you’ll hear Welton’s 2016 interview with Public Religion Research Institute CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones about his book, The End of White Christian America, which has just been released in paperback. The arguments that Jones made in the book are as valid today as when it was published ahead of the 2016 election. But the backlash that he predicted would accompany the end of white, Christian America has been beyond what any of us expected.

Next, we’ll revisit Welton’s 2016 conversation with cognitive linguist and “father of framing” George Lakoff. They discussed the differences between how conservatives and progressives think and communicate – and how today’s partisan divide was almost inevitable. His seminal book, Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think, is available in an updated, paperback edition.

Finally, we’ll hear Welton’s 2012 conversation with Dr. Nora Rose Moosnic, who had just published an inspiring, and unexpected, book titled Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky: Stories of Audacity and Accommodation. If we’re to have a future as one nation, we’ll need models of agreement and accommodation. Moosnic’s book provides one such model.

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