Happy New Year from all of us here at State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast! This week, we look back on some of the most important religion stories of the year with Religion News Service editor-in-chief Jerome Socolovsky. How did mainstream media do in covering the way religion was used to impact our secular politics and culture? And what are likely to be the most important religion stories in 2018? We ask the man who’s job it is to know.

We will also revisit two interviews from earlier this year. First up is Welton’s conversation with investigative journalist Sarah Posner about the religious right organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and their efforts to advance bigotry in the name of religious freedom in the courts.

Next is our conversation from May of 2017 with Andrew Hanauer, founder of the One America Movement which seeks to unite people across religious and political lines at a time when we seem to be as divided as we’ve ever been. We wanted to wrap the show – and the year – with something positive.

Finally, in this season of family, Welton will share his thoughts after seeing his autistic grandson’s onstage at a Katy Perry concert. She asked Jameson what his dream is. Listen to hear his answer!

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