Shortly before the 2016 election, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow joined Rev. Welton Gaddy on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, for a wide-ranging discussion of the potential outcomes of the looming vote. Rachel and Welton promised to speak again in early 2017 to discuss what has changed, and what needs to change.

This week, Welton returned to New York City for an exclusive conversation with Rachel at MSNBC studios.

Since 2008, the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC has been essential viewing for many thoughtful Americans. Meticulously researched, articulately presented and hosted by a Rhodes Scholar, the program is one of the few on television that regularly analyzes the intersection of religion, government and politics.

Welton and Rachel first met as colleagues at the Air America Radio Network and were among the very few voices there to acknowledge that matters of faith have a place in progressive discourse. It was Rachel’s ongoing commitment to addressing these vital issues that earned her the 2010 Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award from Interfaith Alliance.

This week, we’re devoting the entire show to Welton’s conversation with Rachel. They’ll tackle the election, the activism it has inspired and where we’re headed as a nation. Welton will also ask about Russian interference in the election — an issue that Rachel has investigated extensively.

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