Don’t you think it’s high time for voices of moral leadership to weigh in on the divisive, hateful rhetoric of the 2016 campaign? We certainly do. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, we’ll explore the moral aspects of the presidential campaign.

Host Rev. Welton Gaddy will be joined by Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of Catholic social justice group NETWORK. Campbell will unveil her group’s new Presidential Bigotry Watch project, the slogan of which is “Bigotry is a bad habit.” They’ll discuss the many outrages of this campaign season and how to ensure that a social justice agenda is not lost among the noise. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO

Welton will also speak with voting rights advocate and investigative journalist Greg Palast. Palast authored a best-selling book on threats to our democratic system during the Bush administration, and now how he’s taking his message to the big screen with The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Tune in to hear all about this important new film, which hits theaters this week.

Finally, Welton will be joined by Menachem Creditor, founder of Rabbis Against Gun Violence, whose group is sponsoring an all-star national concert to demand gun safety. Sunday’s Concert Across America to End Gun Violence will highlight the ongoing epidemic of gun violence that is all too often overshadowed by other news. We’ll hear about this vital effort to keep the pressure on for meaningful change.

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