In 2016

As the drama of the Democratic National Convention unfolded in Philadelphia this past week, State of Belief served up daily interviews with diverse voices from across the political spectrum. Our host Welton Gaddy was there, microphone in hand, along with Interfaith Alliance president Jack Moline and professor Greg Lebel of George Washington University.

From lawmakers to faith leaders, from grassroots activists to journalists and pundits — including a couple of the conservatives who were in attendance — we recorded conversations rich in meaning and insight. On this week’s State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, we offer up highlights from those conversations.

We had the opportunity to speak with members of Congress, past and present, like former Sen. Tom Harkin. He spoke with Welton about the need for civility and cooperation in our politics.

Rep. John Larson of Connecticut told us that this year’s Democratic platform reflects the social justice agenda of the Nuns on the Bus. As it happens, the sisters were there in force. Welton caught up with Sister Simone Campbell to discuss her group’s activities at both conventions.

We heard from Pastor Mike McBride with the PICO National Network about his panel on stemming gun violence and spoke with a young delegate from Maryland, Amna Hashmi, about the impact of Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Muslim Americans.

Welton also spoke with people directly involved in the convention process, including Paul Booth, a lifelong activist who served on the platform drafting committee, and Hillary Clinton surrogate Susan Turnbull. Also, author, activist and attorney Rabbi Jay Michaelson offered his insights into the dynamics at play in a most unusual convention.

And that’s not all. Tune in this week for a very special edition of State of Belief featuring compelling conversations from the DNC.

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