On this episode of State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, Dr. Greg Smith of the Pew Research Center joins us to to discuss their latest report, based on the 2014 American Religious Landscape Study. Later, Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance, will speak about his recent travels to Interfaith Alliance affiliates across the country, focusing on the role of faith in the upcoming presidential election. Finally, we will be joined by Dr. Joseph Lumbard, a scholar from the UAE who participated in an ambitious new book project soon to be released by HarperOne, The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary. He will discuss this new project, and will address the need for a book like this at a time when anti-Muslim sentiment reflects a lack of understanding of Islam.

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Strength in Numbers: A Reigious Survey of 35,000 Americans
This past spring, the Pew Research Center released a comprehensive report, titled 2014 American Religious Landscape Study, explaining new findings that suggest an erosion in religiosity in this country. Since then, the findings have been extensively analyzed, and have led to a new report, which offers a wealth of insights into how we as Americans experience faith today. Dr. Greg Smith is principal researcher on the project, and joins Welton to discuss this new report. And with all eyes on the ballot box, is there an electoral aspect to what Pew found? CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW AND TRANSCRIPT

Interfaith Alliance Beyond the Beltway
With presidential primary season quickly approaching, many national policy issues have taken center stage in our country. Here in Washington, Interfaith Alliance has been closely following these issues. But Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director of the organization, has been traveling to a number of Interfaith Alliance affiliates across the country to assess how issues of faith and freedom can be best addressed at the local level. And we’ll also highlight Interfaith Alliance’s Five Questions for Every Political Candidate – part of the critical goal to ensure that true religious liberty for all continues to be a priority in our politics. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW AND TRANSCRIPT

A New Translation of the Quran Aims to Educate about Islam
Since 9/11, the Muslim community has been overwhelmed by both fear and hatred from many Americans. At least some of this comes from widespread misunderstandings about the religion. Later this month, HarperOne will be releasing a new book to provide a comprehensive look at the teachings of Islam. The book, titled The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary, presents a new, deeply scholarly, and carefully annotated translation of the Quran. Dr. Joseph Lumbard from the United Arab Emirates participated in this project, and joins us to discuss the project. The book’s launch event is coming up in Washington, DC on November 12. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW AND TRANSCRIPT

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