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This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, host Reverend Welton Gaddy will speak with Dr. Robert P. Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute about a new online map that will change the way we look at America’s religious landscape. We will also hear from Hemant Metha, author of the blog The Friendly Atheist, on the issues facing non-religious Americans in the 21st century. Finally, Rev. Canon Albert Ogle joins Welton in the studio to talk about the global fight for human rights, and the role local faith leaders have in fighting oppression in their communities. Download Icon

A Friendly Talk With the Friendly Atheist
One of State of Belief’s favorite resources on issues related to America’s sizeable atheist and humanist population has long been the “Friendly Atheist” blog on the Patheos online community. This week, we welcome its author, Hemant Metha, to talk about the blog’s inception, his goal when writing the book, The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide, and how he manages to stay friendly in the face of overt anti-atheist hostility. Finally, Hemant and Welton talk about the importance of conversation and community involvement around these issues.

Exploring the Possibilities of the Atlas of American Values
Welton sits down with Dr. Robert P. Jones, Founding President of the Public Religion Research Institute and a frequent guest of the program, to gain insight into the landscape of American values, opinion, diversity and trends. With Robby is back to talk about the recent unveiling of PRRI’s interactive Atlas of American Values, which he gave us a sneak peak at a couple months ago. Specifically, Robby talks about the ways in which researchers and curious members of the public alike will be able to use the Atlas’ vast banks of data to better understand the religious landscape in the United States.

The Role of Faith in the Fight for Global Human Rights
State of Belief is proud to welcome back Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, an Anglican clergyman who has served as a leader in the struggle for human rights – women’s rights and LBGT rights in particular – around the globe for many years. This week, he’ll talk about the Riverside Coalition, a group composed of several major faith traditions working to end human rights violations through interfaith dialogue and understanding. He’ll also discuss the role that local faith leaders play in countering the oppression of minorities, particularly in conservative communities and countries.

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