On this episode of State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, Rev. Welton Gaddy will discuss the dangerous political climate that many politicians and presidential candidates have been creating, primarily through the employment of oppressive and undemocratic anti-Muslim rhetoric. First we will be joined by Farhana Khera, Executive Director of Muslim Advocates, who will give address the impact of the hate speech being used to target Muslims. Then, our own Rabbi Jack Moline will join us to take a look back at his first year as Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance. Finally, investigative journalist Sarah Posner will join the show to discuss the religious right’s growing support for an unlikely candidate, Donald Trump. Download Icon

Political Candidates Embrace Anti-Muslim Rhetoric, Gain Support in Polls
Just last week, Muslim Advocates, one of the leading justice advocacy organizations in the country held their annual dinner where they honored Attorney General Loretta Lynch – along with Rev. Welton Gaddy – for tireless efforts to curb the anti-Muslim fearmongering that has been mounting in this country over recent months. This week on the show, we’ll be joined by Muslim Advocates’ Executive Director, Farhana Khera, who will discuss some of the challenges the current anti-Muslim rhetoric is posing for the Muslim community – and all Americans.

The Past, Present, and Future of Interfaith Alliance
As the year draws to a close, we have been taking some time to look back at what has happened this year on our show—both good and bad—as we prepare for the arrival of 2016. Rabbi Jack Moline will be with us to discuss his experience with Interfaith Alliance, as he wraps up his first year as Executive Director of the organization. Tune in to hear Jack’s thoughts about the successes and challenges of 2015, and what he’s got planned for 2016.

The Intersection of Religion, Government, and Donald Trump
Finally, we’ll be joined by investigative journalist Sarah Posner, who is expert at identifiying religious influences on our politics and culture. Sarah recently wrote a piece for Religion Dispatches Magazine, tited Trump Smashing Religious Right Formula to Bits, in which she suggests that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump may be hijacking the religious right in support of his bid for the White House. Sarah will discuss Trump’s unexepected success among conservative Christians, and what this means for the upcoming presidential election.

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