This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, Welton looks into the biggest political stories of the day from several unique religious perspectives. We’ll hear from a Christian theologian about the situation with ISIS, a prominent Rabbi tells us about the Jewish New Year, and two activists fill us in on the latest struggles around religion and the politics of family and sexuality. Don’t miss Welton’s conversations with these incredible guests. Download Icon

Is it a Just War, or is it just war?
Over the past weeks President Obama has outlined his strategy for U.S. military engagement against the terrorist group ISIS, and this week Congress voted to commit money to arming groups in Syria to take on that fight. On this week’s show, Welton invites back Christian theologian and Just War Theory expert Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite to look at whether this latest military operation fits the Just War paradigm. She’ll reflect on the moral, strategic and rhetorical aspects of this military proposal that have raised concerns for her and many others. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW AND TRANSCRIPT

Marriage equality’s next big day in court
Not long ago it was conventional wisdom that neither supporters nor opponents of marriage equality were eager for the Supreme Court to take up the issue again anytime soon, but over the last few months that has changed dramatically. Now that several states have asked the Supreme Court to uphold their marriage bans and several advocacy groups have said it is time for the Court to find a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, the Court is expected to announce that it will hear a case on this issue in the coming weeks. Welton checks in with Chantale Fiebig, counsel with the law firm Gibson Dunn and a close partner with the American Foundation for Equal Rights which has challenged marriage bans in several states, to see what we can expect from the next steps in the legal fight for equality.

No Longer Quivering
The recent scandals involving prominent NFL athletes have propelled the issue of domestic violence once again into the spotlight, but there is a group of Christian thinkers and activists who wrestle with these issues regularly. This week we’ll hear from Vyckie Garrison, author of the blog No Longer Quivering, about her experience living in and leaving the “quiverfull” family movement. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the great work that many activists are doing to challenge the role of patriarchy, submission and spiritual abuse in certain segments of the Christian community.

Marking Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Sharon Brous
Welton invites back Rabbi Sharon Brous, the dynamic leader of the Ikar community Los Angeles, to discuss the upcoming Jewish New Year and the beginning of the High Holy Days. Rabbi Brous will give listeners a taste of the significance of this celebration, its connection to the Hebrew Scriptures and its relevance to the many social and political issues we confront today. Join Welton and Rabbi Brous in preparing for the New Year and wishing a Shana Tova to all of State of Belief’s Jewish listeners. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO

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