This weekend on State of Belief, find renewed inspiration in the ongoing work for justice on so many issues. We’ll hear from a pastor in New York City and her community’s enduring work to fight gun violence, we’ll get an update from NETWORK’s Sister Simone Campbell on the changing priorities of the Catholic Church, and Greg Lebel will let us know what we can and cannot expect to break through the Congressional logjam this year. Plus, a word from Welton to mark Martin Luther King Day. Download Icon

Beating Guns Into Ploughshares: Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis
With the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial holiday this weekend, communities across the country are striving to embody Dr, King’s legacy through a variety of social justice actions. One such community is the Middle Collegiate Church in New York City, led by the Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis. Rev. Lewis is using the memory of Dr. King to reinvigorate her community in the long struggle to reduce gun violence in the United States.  Among the inspiring activities her church is undertaking, Rev. Lewis shares with Welton the details of an event where they will literally beat a gun into a ploughshare. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT

A Prophetic Vision for a New Year Part Two: Sister Simone Campbell
Last week we began this four part series with the compelling story of the Rev. William Barber and the growing Moral Monday movement that he started. This week our series continues with another tireless giant of social justice, NETWORK’s Sister Simone Campbell.  For years Sister Simone has fought for health care, economic justice and immigration reform, culminating in the widely-publicized Nuns on the Bus tours. She’ll join Welton to discuss how her important work has changed as Pope Francis redirects the Church’s attention toward economic inequality.

Congress is Back in Inaction: An Update from Greg Lebel
Assistant Professor of Political Management at George Washington University and presidential campaign veteran Greg Lebel gives Welton the scoop on the one thing that’s going to drive every decision Congress makes in the year ahead.

A Word From Welton for Martin Luther King Day
State of Belief host Welton Gaddy thinks that some of the lessons we can take away from the life and ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are more relevant – and urgent – than ever. As the nation remembers the life of this civil rights hero on Monday, Welton offers his thoughts – and a call to action. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT

State of Belief would like to acknowledge the Rudin Family Foundation in New York for the support of this week’s show.

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