This weekend on State of Belief, find out how one faith-based organization sprung into action to help everyday Americans affected by the shutdown; hear from Sojourners’ Jim Wallis about the “Faithful Filibuster” and progressive evangelical Christianity; and listen in on the discussion Welton has with Christian writer and theologian Brian McLaren about the persecution of Christians at home and abroad. Also, don’t miss a special word from Welton about a now-famous Senate chaplain, prayer and the shutdown. Download Icon

Beyond Washington: The Shutdown’s Effects On Communities in Need
The government shutdown finally ended this week, but its effects on people across the country continue to linger, highlighting the growing disconnect between our elected leaders and ordinary Americans, including mainstream people of faith. While the shutdown is estimated to have cost the U.S. economy $24 billion, Doran Schranz joins Welton this week to discuss the cost of the shutdown to communities that don’t make the headlines, and the urgent need for politicians to meet their real constituents. Doran is the executive director of ISAIAH, a faith-based community organization of 100 Minnesota congregations.

The Faithful Filibuster
With all eyes on Capitol Hill and the debate over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, a group of religious leaders and allies stood up to ensure that the moral voice of Americans of faith was not forgotten. Speaking out in defense of social welfare and anti-poverty programs, the leaders undertook a “Faithful Filibuster,” praying and reading the more than 2,000 verses of Biblical scripture related to poverty for a week. This week, Welton is joined by the Rev. Jim Wallis, one of the leaders behind the filibuster, to talk about the response of some religious Americans to the shutdown and the state of evangelical Christianity in America. The Rev. Wallis is the president of Sojourners and the author of many books, most recently On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned about Serving the Common Good.

Persecuted Christians? The Experiences of Christians at Home and Abroad
Day in and day out, we continue to hear claims that religious liberty – especially for Christians — is under attack in the United States. Yet American Christians remain noticeably quiet about the persecution of their fellow Christians around the world. This week, popular Christian writer, theologian and speaker Brian McLaren joins Welton on State of Belief to discuss these two diverging trends. He is the author of several books including Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammad Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith Word.

A World from Welton on Senate Chaplain Black
Late-night comedians and satirical news shows found a lot of material in the government shutdown, but we suspect it’s the first time that a chaplain of the U.S. Senate found himself portrayed on Saturday Night Live. This week, tune in for a special word from Welton about Senate Chaplain Barry Black, prayer and the government shutdown.

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