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This weekend, tune in to State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, to hear a special word from Welton about the state of State of Belief, to learn about the covert campaign to redefine religious liberty, to find out what Americans think about immigration, and to glimpse briefly into the future of the show.

A Word from Welton on the State of State of Belief
People often tell us that there is nothing like State of Belief on the airwaves. We walk into the battle-line issues of the day, refuse to retreat from protecting the rights of all Americans – gay and straight, religious and non-religious, ideological or fed-up. On the show, we introduce you to people from the left and the right, trying to demonstrate how civil conversation can occur between people who don’t agree. This week, Welton talks directly with you about what you can do to ensure the future existence of State of Belief.

“Redefining Religious Liberty”
Whether we’re talking about a Louisiana classroom or Congress, rarely does a week go by that we’re not talking about attempts to inject religion into our secular society. If you ever doubted the relevance, urgency and importance of staying focused on the wall between religion and government week after week, year after year, your doubts will evaporate after you hear from Jay Michaelson, who joins us this week to discuss his report “Redefining Religious Liberty: The Covert Campaign Against Civil Rights.” The new report, from Political Research Associates, exposes the degree to which the principle of religious freedom has been subverted in the service of a narrow religious agenda. Listen in as he presents case studies, facts and figures to convincingly trace the well-organized, well-funded and alarmingly effective campaign to redefine “religious liberty” back through recent history. Click here for extended interview video and transcript.

The Religious Perspective on Immigration and Citizenship
Republicans and Democrats are now making immigration a priority issue, but what do the American people think? Welton is joined this week by Dr. Robert P. Jones, CEO of Public Religion Research Institute, to discuss the findings of PRRI’s new major survey exploring public opinion of immigration and the morals and values underlying those opinions. Tune into find out what PRRI found and to hear about a finding that Dr. Jones calls “the rarest of rarities in our polarized political environment” – and, on the eve of the Supreme Court taking up two cases with great significance for LGBT Americans, some data on how far opinion has changed on fundamental rights for sexual minorities in this country. Click here for extended interview video and transcript.

State of Belief: Past, Present and Future
George Washington University Assistant Professor Greg Lebel has been a frequent and invaluable guest on State of Belief. The campaign veteran was with us every step of the way during the 2012 presidential elections – from Iowa to Super Tuesday, from the Democratic National Convention to Election Day – and is in a unique position as he joins Welton this week to take a look ahead at the future of State of Belief, and why radio remains a uniquely important medium.

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