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This weekend, tune in to State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, to hear about a new report on the prevalence of conservative Christian indoctrination in our nation’s military; a look at biblical religious teaching at public schools in Texas; and an insiders story of the Westboro Baptist church.

Teaching the bible at public schools in Texas
The Texas Freedom Network Education fund has released a new report taking a closer look at biblical religious teaching in the state’s public schools. The author of the report, Dr. Mark Chancey joins Welton to discuss the implications of his findings. Dr. Chancey is Professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Religious Fundamentalism in the US Military
A new report from the Center for Inquiry and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation makes the case that religious fundamentalism in the US military has gotten worse over the last decade. The author of the report, Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James Parco joins Welton to look at the specifics of what is happening and why.

Inside the Westboro Baptist Church
The headline-making exploits of the Westboro Baptist Church are fairly well known. The hate group has made a name for itself protesting at funerals and other public events. Less known is what life is like for members of the church. Lauren Drain, a seven year member starting at the age of 15 has written a new book about her experience titled “Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church.” She joins Welton to share that experience on the inside.

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