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Tune in to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast State of Belief this weekend to learn about the future of liberal Christianity and hear about two recent books that have caught our attention.

The State of Progressive Religion
The recent reports of the death of progressive religion have been greatly exaggerated, or so wrote Dr. Jill K. Gill in a thought-provoking response on Religion Dispatches to New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. Dr. Gill, an associate professor of history at Boise State University, joins Welton this week to discuss her article and why she thinks liberal religion is a counterculture that is about to bloom. She is also the author of Embattled Ecumenism: The National Council of Churches, the Vietnam War and the Trials of the Protestant Left. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky
Author Dr. Nora Rose Moosnick is a visiting scholar in the department of sociology at the University of Kentucky, a regular State of Belief listener and recently published a new book: Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky: Stories of Audacity and Accommodation.  Listen in this week to hear from Dr. Moosnick about her new book, which is a fascinating look at the reality and complexity of Kentucky’s diversity. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

Moses: A Stranger Among Us
The recently released book Moses: A Stranger Among Us casts a new light on a historical figure we all thought we knew. This week author Rabbi Maurice Harris joins us on State of Belief to talk about his book, which is not just informative, but also a model for approaching seemingly familiar subjects from a radical perspective. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

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