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This weekend, tune in to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast State of Belief to get updated on the state of the presidential race, to listen in on a reflection on the past year from one of the first openly-gay ministers ordained in the Presbyterian Church, USA, and to engage in a little bit of celebrity gossip with us as we take a quick look at how Tom Cruise’s Scientology might have influenced Katie Holmes’ decision to end their marriage.

State of the Race (Summer Edition)
Despite what is usually a quiet time in electoral politics, the Presidential campaigns have been sizzling – and that’s not just because of the record highs across the country. Frequent guest and good friend of State of Belief Greg Lebel is back in our air-conditioned studios this week to talk summer presidential politics with Welton this summer. Listen in as Greg and Welton recap everything from the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Congress’ 33rd vote to repeal the ACA, from the Obama Administration’s action to offer legal residency to millions of young undocumented people to SuperPACS and voter identification laws. When not on State of Belief, Greg, a veteran of numerous presidential campaigns, is an assistant professor of political management at George Washington University. Click here for extended interview video and transcript.

A year ago the Presbyterian Church, USA voted in its General Assembly to approve the ordination of LGBT persons. At that time Rev. Paul Mowry, one of the first openly-gay ministers ordained following that decision spoke with us on State of Belief. Rev. Mowry joins us again this week to take a look back at this very important year for his ministry and to provide some thoughts on the new developments, including the very narrowly failed to approve marriage equality at this year’s General Assembly. On Sundays, you’ll find Rev. Mowry at the Sausalito Presbyterian Church, where he serves as pastor. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

A Quick Look at Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology
We don’t normally engage in celebrity gossip here at State of Belief, but in recent days a story dominating headlines that appears to boil down to a disagreement on religion. The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce reportedly hinges on the actress’ resistance to her 6-year-old daughter’s involvement in Scientology – the religion in which Cruise has deeply and publicly been involved. The 60-year-old religion is both famous, thanks to Cruise and other celebrity adherents, and profoundly secretive all at the same time. Samantha Domingo, who spent 20 years in the Church including several in a leadership position, spent a little bit of time this week speaking with Welton about her experience with the Church of Scientology and the possible ways Scientology influenced Holmes’ decision to end her marriage.

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