Faiz ShakirFaiz Shakir, Editorinchief of “ThinkProgress.org” and a Vice President at the Center for American Progress, on his team’s production of “Fear, Inc.,” a comprehensive new report with compelling evidence that a conspiracy against Muslims and encouraging the development of Islamophobia is being perpetuated in the United States.  Hear the extended interview and read the transcript here.


Dr. Robert P. Jones, founder and CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, on two recent surveys, one on generational viewpoints on LGBT issues revealing how things are changing as well as how influential religion continues to be on the subject, and another on American views on the country’s growing diversity, with special focus on the 10 years since 9/11. He discusses his findings on both.  Hear the extended interview here.


Patrice O’Neill, executive producer and Working Group co-founder, on “Light in the Darkness,” the Working Group’s latest project in the “Not In Our Town” series promoting and supporting anti-hate efforts in communities nationwide. The film premieres this weekend on Long Island, over 100 screenings are planned across the country, and many PBS stations will air it September 21.  Hear the extended interview and read the transcript here.


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