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Tune in this weekend to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast State of Belief to hear…

State of Belief producer Ray Kirsteins interview of our host Rev. Welton Gaddy about his remarks at the Faith Shared service at Washington National Cathedral last Sunday and the impact the project has had around the country. The Cathedral’s Faith Shared service, including Rev. Gaddy’s remarks can be found at

Dr. Anthea Butler, Associate professor of religion at the University of Pennsylvania and a contributor to Religion Dispatches, on Sarah Palin’s place in the 2012 presidential race. Butler makes the case that Palin will run as a Tea Party candidate.

Plus, a Fourth of July weekend encore presentation of Rev. Gaddys 2009 interview with Norman Lear on what America and the Declaration of Independence means to him. Lear is the owner of one of the ten surviving original copies of the Declaration.


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