As the world anxiously watches the historic events and violence in Egypt, and as the U.S. Air Force Academy comes under fire for a controversial speaker scheduled for its upcoming Prayer Luncheon, tune in this weekend to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast State of Belief to hear…

Haroon Moghul, Executive Director of the Maydan Institute, which works to increase understanding between Muslims and the West, on his recent contributions to Religion Dispatches regarding the frequent misperceptions Americans have of politics in the Middle East, and how those misunderstandings impact American diplomacy.  Moghul is the former Director of Public Relations at the Islamic Center at New York University and is now working toward a Ph.D. at Columbia University.

… Author and journalist Jeff Sharlet, with context on the larger picture behind events at military installations like the upcoming Prayer Luncheon, scheduled for February 10 at the Air Force Academy, and how they relate to the National Prayer Breakfast held this week in Washington.

Plus, Rev. Gaddy discusses some recent stories at the intersection of religion and politics, and whether or not they move the cause of religious liberty forward.


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