Dan Savage, on his new online “It Gets Better” project, aimed at reaching LGBT youths in the aftermath of the recent surge in suicides among gay young people. He is also a writer.

Jeff Sharlet, Assistant Professor of English at Dartmouth College, on his new book, C Street – The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy. The writer is the best-selling author of The Family, which looks at conservative religious influence on politics, as well as a contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine and Rolling Stone. This week’s interview with Sharlet is part one of a two-part interview.

Connie Ryan Terrell, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance Iowa, on recent efforts by an Iowa coalition to use their conservative religious beliefs, with the backing of powerful out-of-state interests, to influence voters to oust three Iowa Supreme Court justices for a vote legalizing same-gender marriage.

Plus, Greg Lebel, Assistant Professor of Political Management and Director of the Semester in Washington Program at The George Washington University, returns with the latest on the possible outcome of midterm elections.


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