Chris Stedman, the Managing Director of State of Formation, a new initiative at the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue.  Chris also serves on the Leadership Team of the Common Ground Campaign, a coalition of young people standing up in response to the recent wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric and violence in America.  Welton Gaddy talks to Chris about his experience as a non-believing interfaith activist and mentor at the recent Interfaith Leadership Institutes in Washington, DC.

Kevin Eckstrom, Editor at Religion News Service and past President of thre Religion Newswriters Association.  What religion stories were election year hyperbole?  Which ones are likely to have a lasting impact on American life in the years ahead?  And what are the challenges of covering a topic as sensitive as religion in an age when faith has become an electoral weapon?  Kevin has some great answers to these questions and more.

Dr. Robert Parham, the Founder and Executive Director of the Baptist Center for Ethics in Nashville, TN.  The topic – compromise without sacrificing personal ethics and deeply-held moral beliefs.  An essential discussion for a bipartisan age.


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