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This weekend on State of Belief, what’s next for the Catholic Church? Feminist theologian Mary Hunt tells Welton about the reforms she hopes to see in the wake of the clergy sexual abuse scandal.  Plus, journalist Shahed Amanullah assesses Obama’s outreach to the Muslim world and activist Father John Dear questions whether the president is really working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons.

And, Randolph Dobbs from the Baha’i center in Los Angeles discusses the holiday of Ridvan and Welton wants to hear from you.  Tells us what you think about religious diversity on the Supreme Court now that the remaining Protestant justice plans to retire.  Write to us!


This week’s guests:
Father John Dear is a Catholic priest, a peace activist, the author of 25 books. In 2008, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Shahed Amanullah is the editor of the website,

Mary Hunt is co-founder and co-director of Water – the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual. Read her recent article in Religion Dispatches.

Randolph Dobbs from the Los Angeles Baha’i Center is secretary of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahia’s of Los Angeles.

Religion and radio done differently – this weekend on State of Belief.

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