This weekend on State of Belief, a story of feminism and fundamentalism.  Journalist Susan Campbell joins host Welton Gaddy to discuss her new book, Dating Jesus.  And Rabbi Irwin Kula from CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership shares his perspective on the latest news in interfaith relations.  Plus, a look at God on the football field.  And, we’ve got the return of our intersection awards!

Sportswriter Tim Dahlberg speaks with Welton about what appears to be the growth of religiosity among the nation’s professional athletes – from shout outs to God in the end zone to team prayers before and after the big game.  Tim Dahlberg is a nation sports columnist for the Associated Press and author of a recent article on faith on the football field.


And, a look at some recent developments in interfaith relations with Rabbi Irwin Kula.  Rabbi Kula shares his perspective on Barack Obama’s olive branch to the Muslim world and the Pope’s decision to re-instate a bishop who’s also a Holocaust denier.  Rabbi Irwin Kula is the President of CLAL- the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and he is the author of  Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life.


Plus, journalist and author Susan Campbell remembers her experience of growing up female in a church that told her women were second-class citizens.   Susan Campbell’s new book is called Dating Jesus: A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism and the American Girl. Susan Campbell is also a reporter for the Hartford Courant. Visit her blog.

Don’t miss the return of our intersection awards!   Find out what stories get  red, yellow and green lights at the intersection of religion and politics.



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