In 2009

The leadership of the Episcopal church recently voted to resume ordaining gay clergy and to begin blessing same-gender unions. Join host Welton Gaddy for a very special look inside the controversy surrounding homosexuality, equal rights and this historic denomination.

Welton speaks with two pioneers in the Episcopal Church.  Bishop Gene Robinson was the first openly gay man to be named bishop.  He has served as the ninth bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire since 2004. Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon was the second woman to become a bishop. She served as Bishop of Washington pro tempore from 2001 to June 2002 in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

Tune in for a passionate conversation about changes in the Episcopal Church and what these changes say about American society as a whole.


Religion and radio done differently – this weekend on State of Belief.

**Please note, this is the uncut version of the interview which aired on Air America stations, August 8-9, 2009.

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