This weekend on State of Belief, as we face one of the worst financial crisis in our nation’s history, we ask, is the economy a moral issue?  A member of Congress and a leading American theologian both share their thoughts.  And, a look at newly proposed FBI regulations that some say could result in racial and religious profiling.  Plus, don’t miss Welton’s own look back at the week’s events in his “Preaching to the Choir” segment…

Host Welton Gaddy is joined by Caroline Frederickson of the ACLU to discuss the increase in racial, ethnic, and religious profiling that could result from new expanded powers for the FBI.  Caroline is the Director of the Washington Legislative Office for the ACLU.

And, how can the economy be considered a moral issue? Welton speaks with Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut) about the obligations of government to help struggling Americans.  And professor Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite of the Chicago Theological Seminary shares her thoughts on faith and the economy.

Plus, don’t miss Welton’s own thoughts on the bailout, fear tactics, race and religion in the campaign for the White House in the Preaching to the Choir segment.


Religion and radio, done differently – this weekend, on State of Belief.



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