This weekend on State of Belief, one of the most heated issues plaguing religion and politics today…Clergy endorsements of political candidates. Join host Welton Gaddy as he explores an effort led by conservative religious forces to overturn the ban on politicking from the pulpit. Find out why this is a dangerous idea for both politics and religion.

Host Welton Gaddy is joined by Ann Sclater, Director of Research and Education at the Interfaith Alliance, to discuss “The Pulpit Project” – an effort spearheaded by the conservative legal group the Alliance Defense Fund which encourages clergy to preach deliberately political sermons in defiance of current tax law. 

Hear Welton’s own thoughts on “The Pulpit Project” in his Preaching to the Choir.

And Reverend Joel Hunter of Northland Church speaks with Welton about why he believes mixing politics and preachers is dangerous. Joel Hunter is one of many clergy who have signed Interfaith Alliance’s clergy pledge to keep political endorsements out of the pulpit. 

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Religion and radio, done differently – this weekend, on State of Belief.


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