In 2008

In celebration of National Gay Pride Month, State of Belief looks at religion and faith and the struggle for gay rights.
Activist and businessman Mitchell Gold tells us why he took his success and used it to found an organization called Faith in America, a non-profit dedicated to ending religious bigotry against homosexuals.
And, Representative Tammy Baldwin has recently helped formed a House caucus dedicated to ending all forms of discrimination against gay Americans. She joins us to talk about some of her work as the nation’s first openly lesbian member of Congress.
Plus, we hear from a gay Muslim filmmaker who has fearlessly chronicled the stories of other gay and lesbian Muslims living in countries where homosexuality is forbidden.


State of Belief explores the intersection of religion with politics, culture, media, and activism. Through interviews with newsmakers and celebrities, reports from the field, and his own commentary, Welton shows how religion and radical freedom are best friends and how the religious right is wrong – wrong for America and bad for religion.

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