In 2008

20080318_OBAMA.jpgOn this weeks show, faith – based initiatives…Presidential candidate Barack Obama says he will continue the Bush program of providing federal grants to religious organizations that provide social services. But is a program aimed at helping religious charities dangerous for religion? Join host Welton Gaddy as he explores the constitutional questions raised by the controversial faith-based initiative.


Professor Jacques Berlinerblau, author of the Washington Post On Faith column The God Vote talks with Welton about how voters might respond to Obama’s faith-based proposal…Journalist Bill Berkowitz of Media Transparency provides insight into some of the controversies that arose in the Bush Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. And Rabbi David Saperstein of the Religious Action Committee and Holly Hollman of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty join Welton in a conversation about the constitutionality of the initiatives and whether a program aimed at helping religious charities is actually dangerous for religion…


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