In 2008

This week on State of Belief, host Welton Gaddy broadcasts from the Chautauqua Institution in New York state where he is joined by the Reverend Joan Brown Campbell to discuss religion and this year’s presidential election. Plus, a look at faith, hope and redemption in the music of Bruce Springsteen…and does a new attack ad from John McCain imply Barack Obama is the anti-Christ? That and more.

Host Welton Gaddy speaks with professor John Jackson to get to the bottom of a new ad from the McCain camp called “The One”. Does it imply that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ? We find out. John L. Jackson Jr. is an associate professor of communication and anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.

And, Bruce Springsteen and religion? Unitarian Universalist minister Jeffery Symynkywicz shares some lessons on spirituality courtesy of the Boss. His new book is called The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen: Rock and Redemption, from Asbury Park to Magic.

Plus, Welton is joined in studio by the Reverend Joan Brown Campbell to discuss faith, public life and the current election. Reverend Joan Brown Campbell is head of the religion department at the Chautauqua Institution.


Religion and radio, done differently – this weekend, on State of Belief.

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