In 2008

This week on State of Belief, a look at the Democratic and Republican conventions…from the change in how Democrats discuss one controversial issue to the topic interfaith leaders say both parties need to address. And, how is religion being used in the hunt for VP candidates?  Find out more…

Host Welton Gaddy speaks with evangelical leader Tony Campolo about changes in the language around abortion in the Democratic platform.   Does new wording suggest a radical change for the party’s view on reproductive rights?  Tony Campolo served on the Democratic platform committee.  He is professor emeritus at Eastern University and author of many books including Letters to a Young Evangelical.

Welton is also joined by Reverend Michael Kinammon to discuss an interfaith  request to bring poverty front and center during the party conventions.  Reverend Kinnamon is one of several interfaith leaders who penned a letter asking both candidates to deliver a prime time speech on poverty and inequality from the convention floor.  Reverend Michael Kinnamon is the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA.

Plus, Beliefnet’s Steven Waldman predicts who will be joining the McCain and Obama tickets.

And we visit the LEADD camp, a summer program sponsored by Interfaith Alliance which brings together high school students from different regions and faith backgrounds to learn about diversity and religious freedom.   Hear what three “Leadders” have to say about the week-long experience.


Religion and radio, done differently – this week, on State of Belief.

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