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State of Belief goes to Denver, Colorado, for The Interfaith Alliance’s National Leadership Gathering

Denver, CO – We’re broadcasting a mile above sea level this week. State of Belief comes to Denver, Colorado, for The Interfaith Alliance’s National Leadership Gathering.

While the NLG focuses on what area leaders can do in their communities, we’ll focus on what some leaders have already done. Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, newly re-elected Mayor of Denver John Hickenlooper, and civil rights activist Rev. Amos Brown join us to talk about their roles in public service.

Governor Ritter also makes a little news on the show when he tells us his plans to sign a bill that has been championed by The Interfaith Alliance’s Colorado chapter.

Speaking of legislation that The Interfaith Alliance champions, two bills just received passage in the House of Representatives. We’ll tell you why we advocated their passage and why there’s still a lot of work to be done.

And, we’ll visit a restaurant in Downtown Denver with a unique business philosophy: Pay it forward. Brad Birky of the SAME Cafe (that stands for So All May Eat) tells us why there are no prices on any of his menu items.


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