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Rep. Nadler Talks About Hate Crimes

Washington, D.C. – On this Sunday’s “State of Belief,” The Interfaith Alliance Foundation’s show on Air America Radio, Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy talks with Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) about the introduction of hate crimes legislation in the House of Representatives. Nadler, who is an original co-sponsor of the legislation, tells Welton why this is the first piece of legislation that, if enacted as law, will give federal jurisdiction to hate crimes based on sexual orientation. “Although we have real problems with racism in our society, and with sexism, very few people will get up and say, ‘I’m a racist, I’m a sexist.’ People are still perfectly happy to say, ‘I hate gay people,'” said Nadler.

Also on the show this week is Stephen Prothero, Chairman of the Religion Department at Boston University and the author of Religious Literacy. Among other things, Welton asks Prothero about the religious test faced by candidates for president.

This week’s show also features the latest round of our new game show “Choose the News” and a slew of new Intersection Awards, including red lights to Gen. Peter Pace and to Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for gay bashing. And a green light to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for telling the Congress that America is not meeting the real “moral obligations to respond to essential human needs.”

State of Belief explores the intersection of religion with politics, culture, media, and activism. Through interviews with newsmakers and celebrities, reports from the field, and his own commentary, Welton shows how religion and radical freedom are best friends and how the religious right is wrong – wrong for America and bad for religion.


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