Millions of LGBTQ Americans grow up in families that are openly hostile to their identities. The pain and alienation that this can cause is not something that should be inflicted upon anyone. Amber Cantorna experienced a particularly extreme case of growing up in an unaccepting family: her father is an executive with the conservative, anti-LGBTQ organization, Focus on the Family. After years of depression and anxiety, Amber came out to her family and was subsequently disowned. Now, Amber has one book out, Refocusing My Family: Coming Out, Being Cast Out, and Discovering the True Love of God, and another soon to be released, Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians. She will speak with Welton this week to share her story and discuss the work she’s doing to support other people of faith through the coming out process.

This conversation is part of Whosoever You Love, our semi-monthly series affirming the worth and full value of LGBTQ persons within and beyond religion. Whosoever You Love is supported by the Arcus Foundation, which is dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. Learn more about Arcus and its partners at And find the entire series at

Hear the full February 2, 2019 State of Belief Radio program here.

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