As millions of American kids headed back to school, many of them unknowingly walked into classrooms that are in the crosshairs of the culture wars. As challenges to science education abound from creationists, climate change skeptics and, I’m sure if you looked hard enough, flat earth advocates – the National Center for Science Education <<>> launched a new online initiative called the “Science League of America,” <<>> designed to “carry forward the dream of honest and thorough science education.” Josh Rosenau, the Center’s Programs and Policy Director will join us to talk about the goals and functions of the new website, and the Center’s work at fighting back the war on science.

Host Welton Gaddy couldn’t resist taking a few minutes to respond to the Minnesota Congresswoman’s latest attempt to frame US politics in biblical terms. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t think Hillary Clinton is the equivalent of the Old Testament’s Goliath. And the GOP isn’t David, either.

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