Maybe the worst thing about the “ex-gay” distraction is the way it can leverage sincere faith in the service of a false dichotomy. “God or homosexuality: you have to choose,” LGBT persons and their families are still too often told. What that can lead to is far too obvious.  It was July 1st of this year that the Huffington Post published an article titled, “Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son.”  In it, Linda Robertson tells the heartbreaking story of encouraging her teen-aged son to make the “right” choice. Tragically, it didn’t work. Driven to hate both himself and the God he grew up devoted to, Ryan died of a drug overdose. Today, Linda and her husband, Rob, share their story with other parents – hoping to prevent their making the same sincere, well-meaning mistake that they now feel they made. This intimate interview with a  still-grieving mother won’t be easy to listen to – but the courage of her decision to speak out is something you won’t be able to forget. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT.

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