There’s an old saying “all politics is local,” and that’s particularly true when talking about the politics of values and religion – something we often forget with our focus on the national news. But more and more, national elections are determined at the state level, which is why a new article by Joanna Brooks, “7 Religion Stories to Watch in 2012 Battleground States,” is so important. Listen in as Joanna talks to Welton about what those 7 stories are and how religion, in particular Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, is affecting what’s happening on the campaign trail. As a prominent Mormon writer and one of Politico’s “50 politicos to watch,” she offers insights into the level of support Mormons are likely to offer Romney, and how his faith may inform some of his campaign choices.  Joanna is also the author of The Book of Mormon Girl: Stories from an American Faith and senior correspondent for Religion Dispatches.

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