Everybody who thinks that it doesn’t apply to them needs to wait a minute, because if it doesn’t apply to you yet – it will. – Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

I put a lot into marriage equality; and I really want to put my organizing energy into voting rights. – Rev. Meg Riley

When the US Supreme Court offered up such a mixed set of rulings in the final week of its latest session – gutting the historic Voting Rights Act while opening the doors, finally, for federally-recognized same-sex marriage – those of us who work across the spectrum of human and civil rights issues were left with deeply mixed feelings. Inevitably, there were some who felt that there was some disparity in the level of commitment from the LGBT community regarding voting rights relative to racial minority group members fighting for the rights of sexual minorities.

Joining us to talk about – and demonstrate – a commitment to joint struggle for justice are two Unitarian Universalist pastors: the Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt and the Rev. Meg Riley. They co-wrote a powerful column on the issue, which appeared in the Huffington Post: Justice is Justice.

Click the “play” button above to hear the interview. To download this audio, click hereDownload Scroll down to read the transcript. To hear the entire July 13, 2013 State of Belief Radio program, click here.

Justice is Justice: Meg Riley and Rosemary McNatt State of Belief Radio Interview, July 13, 2013

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