At least last year, Hannukah and Christmas overlapped. Not so this year, with the Festival of Lights ending before the full force of the Christmas season even arrived. The way its celebrated in the US, Christmas may not be very “Christian,” but it certainly can seem that way for Americans outside that faith. So what to do?

In an inspiring conversation with relevance for any time of the year, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield shares with Welton his experience of navigating Christmas while being Jewish in America and his thoughts on a deeper shared sense of purpose this time of year. Rabbi Hirschfield is the president of Clal, the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

Learn more about Clal here.

Click the “play” button above to hear the extended interview. To download this audio, click here. Scroll down to read the transcript. To hear the entire December 22, 2012 State of Belief Radio program, click here.


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