The Maverick is bringin’ it back for us one more time – way back – Bible style. John McCain’s campaign has released a sequel to an original ad they created a few weeks ago that’s been making waves since we first saw it. Maybe you know “The One.”

At first, it’s a puzzling message. McCain’s campaign imagery likens Barack Obama to Moses and portrays his popularity as a religious revival. So far, all of the campaigns’ religious rhetoric has been unbelievable – but “The One II” is awful.

Interfaith Alliance has been calling it for months. The candidates’ unholy religious rhetoric pulled us through a primary that often seemed more of a race for Pastor-in-Chief than Commander-in-Chief.

Our video on the Top Ten Moments in the Race for Pastor-in-Chief features Obama soliciting prayers that he might help “create a kingdom right here on earth” and McCain claiming he thinks our Constitution established America as a “Christian Nation.”

When McCain’s campaign released its original “The One” ad comparing Obama to Moses, any notion of its absurdity quickly parted when pundits suggested it portrayed Barack Obama as the Anti-Christ. “An Anti-Christ Obama in McCain Ad?” asked Time Magazine’s Amy Sullivan.

The Anti-Christ!?!?!

When did we enter a political era in which it’s acceptable to consider if a candidate’s credentials meet supernatural criteria? Are we seriously having a political conversation about the possibilities of biblical manifestation by a presidential candidate?

McCain’s ads comparing Obama to the Anti-Christ would make more sense – or at least be less offensive – if someone were already out there comparing Barack Obama to the messiah himself.

Enter: Barack Obama. Starting in the early primaries, it seems as if Obama’s campaign has been portraying him as prophetic. Obama’s “Committed Christian” campaign materials appeared in a article way back in January. Obama’s website now has an entire section about him being a “Committed Christian.”

If religious identity politics have taken us to a time when we – when anyone – will follow a Christ vs. Anti-Christ candidate comparison to elect our next President, maybe it’s time to pause and evaluate our priorities.

Interfaith Alliance’s 5 Questions for every political candidate offer you a way to ask your candidates running for every level of political office about their positions on religion and politics – and gives the candidates a chance to tell us just how close to Christ they really want to be.

We want to know from everyone running for office:

This week, connect with Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Welton Gaddy online for his DNC Challenge to help watch the role of faith at the Democratic National Convention. Next week, we’ll be watching the Republicans.

Being a public figure doesn’t mean you have to deny your beliefs. But as religion plays an increasingly prominent role in American politics, preserving the boundary between religion and government is more vital than ever. We can have both.

In a country with more people from more religions than anywhere else in the world, it’s time we get back to what strengthens our most vibrant communities – and stop focusing on who’s hell the candidates might send us to if they’re elected. Mine, for one, doesn’t exist.

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  • Paul Gregersen

    Christians taught the wrong understanding of anti christ!
    Body: I am still getting massive numbers of e-mails from people who fear that the anti-christ was just elected president. How can we minister to frightened Christians in deep despair? We do have the spirit of Babylon rising in our own country, and the foundations were being built long before 2008’s election.

    The public is not challenging the salaries of Police and firemen unions. These organizations are not needed in our society. Yet they have taken control of New York City, California and many other cities and states. These government unions are masking their use of public employees in an organized effort to grow government and remove local control of government. Unions were originally created to help private sector employees and were never intended for gaining government power.

    The Soviet Union was another massive government workers union! Our city government located in my town is entirely unionized, they represent a left wing voter block that we cannot remove in the election process. Arnold the governator tried to break California’s public employees unions power and quickly learned that they were strong enough to terminate him. When will the people in this nation see these trends? Our schools are unionized, and controlled by the left, and have educated a generation of kids who feel perfectly at home with socialism.

    I have spent years writing a book to re-educate people by waking them up to the fact that we are supporting a state growing within a state, and it has formed deep roots within our most trusted institutions. This government power and abuse are a twin prophecy connected to the 3 Hebrews who were forced to fall down and either worship the golden statue erected by the state of Babylon, or die in the fire. (Daniel Chapter 3) The Idol we must bow and worship today is political correctness! If we do not do this we may be fired, or destroyed by character assassinations directed by the Babylon media. If you do not fall down and worship the image of the beast you must be destroyed. (Daniel 3) That is how they sought to destroy Sarah Palin and George W. Bush, even though Bush desperately tried to stop Freddie and Fannie 7 times.

    The time has come where we cannot buy nor sell, nor have employment without our tax money being used to build this modern Babylon. They are literally building a political God of gold by taking our own money, robbing our own job. They are ignoring sound principles and offering us as sacrifices to appease their angry god.

    We are like cattle (property) being lead by those we have elected to the slaughter. Our thoughts are that these people are honest humans who intend to take care of us. We are being lulled into slavery by the beast of Babylon. And they have us paying for the transportation to the train station, the ticket for the journey, and all the failing plans of scheme. They are empowering their status by allowing us to think all is well as we become enslaved to build their palaces with our sweat and money! They are actually Beastly men who have sold out their own humanity. Everybody is anxiously looking for the mark of the beast while we are being marked by the Beast through our service in Babylon with our own right hand. The mark in the forehead is not a computer chip, like Christians imagine. It is a mark of deception brainwashed into their minds, or foreheads.

    Look how people just voted with their right hands! What kind of Beast has entered their brains? Is it not the mark of the beast implanted into their thought processes by the media? This deception causes people to sell out their own freedom! Peoples’ right hands voted for slavery in Babylon. Your right hand is the work hand! By their own will people in fear sacrifice their freedom thinking they are accomplishing a greater good. The poor are being used to justify this mass robbery done through slave taxation. Our education systems, and our health care are to become the final foundation to construct the monsters idol. Poor people become the image of the golden idol. The money Idol in which the beast hides himself behind, in order to hide the fact that our sacrifices are not for the poor after all, but actually for the beasts own glory. The poor are just pawns, and will soon become slaves to this modern Babylon after their plight is used.

    I have great hope that this failing economy will not respond to Babylon’s social fixes, and things may get much worse. Christians do not comprehend what the mark of the beast is! This makes it easier for them to also be enslaved by spiritual ignorance. They think a tattoo is coming that will be placed upon their head. This blinds them from seeing the true mark! They misplace the Bible’s true meaning of the real mark.

    The mark is spiritual, and not literal! There were not any computer chips present when Cain was marked in ancient times! The number 666 is the measurement of Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol. The mark of the historical calendar for the Babylon system, was 600 BC. Sixty cubits high and six cubits wide. See Daniel Chapter Three verse one. Therein resides the meaning of 666. Herein is depicted Babylon’s beastly slavery as recorded in your own Bible. How did so many miss this? The measurements are written in the Bible.

    I am still getting frightened e-mails from lots of Christians who believe that the anti-christ has just come to power. Millions of these people have been taught wrong meanings for the “Beast of Babylon” from self serving preachers who do not understand, nor can they properly identify this enemy within correct Bible context. Suddenly after the election millions of these people are confused and lost, not knowing where to turn for spiritual understanding! The evil one wants to destroy America. America protects Israel.

    The enemy wants to remove our presence in the Middle East. This is why Sarah Palin and others supporting victory in Iraq must prepare to lead America after they learn hard lessons. Perhaps I can help re-educate willing minds when they begin to feel the hard times.. I believe God will even give ignorant people another chance. He will attempt to teach them something before he resorts to his final judgments.

    I am trying to be of some positive assistance, even though I am not a writer, and require another author to help me articulate and promote my book. Help me to reach thousands of frightened and confused Christians, who do not understand what prophecies are happening, or where they can go to find the correct biblical information, to change it.
    Read about the 8th beast on this sight www. eternaltrut. net

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