Here’s what’s coming up this weekend on State of Belief Radio:

Is the United Methodist Church evolving on marriage equality?  A possibly encouraging sign was the action Bishop Martin McLee of the New York Conference took this week in committing to ending church trials of clergy who perform same-gender weddings. Jimmy Creech, who’s devoted his life to working for this change (and lost his credentials after just such a trial in 1998) shares his unique perspective on these developments.

Also, the Conservative Political Action Conference was last weekend just outside of Washington, DC. Journalist Sarah Posner was there, and she’ll tell us about her observations as the nation moves toward the 2014 election season. Spoiler alert: a screening of the new film “Persecuted” met with a raptuous response.

And Civil Rights leader the Rev. Dr. Amos Brown: he’s organizing the only people who stand a chance of pushing back against Uganda’s brutal anti-gay laws: religious leaders of color.

On the first anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, Welton has some thoughts to share on the ministry of the man he calls “brother.” And Dr. Ben Carson is a rising star in Conserative circles – despite his propensity to say things like “we live in a Gestapo state.” Welton will address the costs of elevating figures like this to positions of influence.

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