On the next State of Belief Radio – the Obama scandal-o-rama with George Washington University’s Greg Lebel. What looks like an uncharacteristically clumsy response from an ordinarily messaging-adept administration in the face of Benghazi… The IRS revelations… The AP phone calls subpoena… Second-term curse? Or, at long last, proof that far-right critics were right all along? We discuss, you decide.

We’ll also hear from Mikey Weinstein, the always-outspoken founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He’s at the center of a manufactured controversy about the issue of proselytizing in the armed forces – we’ll find out what really happened at that Pentagon meeting he attended, and much more.

And the Rev. John Vaughn, Executive Vice President of Auburn Theological Seminary will be with us to explain the importance of pressuring ESPN to be more responsible in future coverage of stories that involve gays – and God. In a response to commentator Chris Broussard drawing a seemingly-immutable line between one and the other, a petition addressing this from the Religious Institute, is up now at

That’s all coming up this weekend on State of Belief! Here’s how to listen.

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