If the next State of Belief Radio doesn’t provoke some conversations with your friends – you need new friends!

Mitt Romney in Israel. Yes he offended the Palestinians – but did he also reveal an insensitivity to the Jewish community? Shalom Goldman says “yes.” His analysis is available at Religion Dispatches.

Even major funding by the Koch Foundation couldn’t keep Dr. Richard Muller in line with climate change skeptics. New findings by Berkeley Earth are a hot topic in more ways than one! 

Plus, what happens when religious practice conflicts with Olympic aspirations? You’ll hear from Dr. Sarah Kureshi, who participated in the 2005 Islamic Women’s Games.

And Rabbi Dennis Ross, Director of Concerned Clergy for Choice and the author of the new book, All Politics is Religious: Speaking Faith to the Media, Policy Makers and Community. 

That’s all coming up – this weekend on State of Belief! Click here for ways to listen.

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